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The Truth About Science Materials List
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Materials are listed at the beginning of each lesson in the curriculum. We have included prices and vendors for items that we purchase regularly to implement the curriculum. You do not need limit yourself to these vendors. A good grocery store, hardware store, and pet supply store will have most of the items on this list. Prices do go up over time and they vary by region. All prices listed below are for a single unit. You will usually have to buy more than 1 to do the activity with the class.
3-ring binder for each student
  3-ring binder Office Depot $1.99
Often on sale for 0.99
Day 1 - Einstein's Ooze
large, flat-bottomed plastic containers (approx. 11x17") or large bowls with rim diameter at least 2 times as large as base diameter (1 per group of 4-5 students)
  Sterilite 5gal. Tote Box with Lid Fred Meyer $4.99
corn starch (1 box per group of 4-5 students)
  corn starch Any Grocery Store $0.99
food coloring (optional, 1 color for entire class)
  food coloring Any Grocery Store $2.69
"measuring" tools (sieves, straws, graters, measuring cups, pennies, spoons, chopsticks)
  ask each student to bring a couple things in from home
masking tape
paper towels
sponge and bucket
Day 2 - Ooze Experiment Ideas
Day 3 - More Ooze Experiments
same as Day 1
Days 4, 5 - Ecosystem Boxes
theme boxes or large envelopes with pictures and/or objects from different environments; objects should be selected to lead students toward asking comparison questions (1 box per group of 5-6 students); This activity works great when students are assigned as homework to assemble a box and bring it in.
For example:
  beach box -  salt water/fresh water, large crab shell/small crab shell, fine sand/coarse sand, bird pictures, night/day beach pictures, pictures of tidepool animals
  forest box -  deciduous branch/evergreen branch, wet soil/dry soil, large mushrooms/small mushrooms, large cones/small cones, frogs/salamanders, animal tracks, pictures of open areas with more underbrush/closed canopy areas with very little underbrush, bird pictures, pictures or leaves from different tree species, pictures of trail and people/ forest with no trail or people, invertebrates (worms, slugs, spiders)
  river box -  river/lake pictures, thermometer, water testing equipment (pH, DO, N, etc.), fish pictures, aquatic invertebrates, pictures of river with rapids/river with slow current, upstream/downstream pictures (watershed), big/little river pictures, frogs/salamanders
  backyard box -  different kinds of bird food, different kinds of bird feeders, invertebrates, different kinds of garden seeds, flying insect traps, night/day pictures, wet/dry pictures, rain gauge, mushrooms on wood/grass, pictures of shaded/sunny areas
  wetland box -  thermometer, water samples from bottom and top of water column, water testing equipment, aquatic/terrestrial insects, pictures of birds, pictures of dawn/day, pictures of sunny/rainy weather, clean/oily water, litter
Day 6 - Local Landscapes
variable, see lesson for more details
Day 7 - Introduction to Field Techniques
A few ideas (you don't need all of these, depends on which techniques you teach)
  invertebrates: hanging sticky traps, trowels, clip boards, white paper, 1 meter square sampling grid (can be constructed with PVC pipe)
  stream/lake: thermometers, small nets, white trays, aquatic insect field guide, wide-mouthed water bottles, water testing kit,
  forest: tape measures, plant/mushroom field guides, plant press, magnifying lenses, precipitation gauges, plant/tree field guide
  animals: binoculars, bird field guide, watch, track plates
  soil: thermometers, trowels, ziplock bags or yogurt containers
  1/2" x 10' PVC Pipe Home Depot $2.98
  1/2" Elbow Fittings Home Depot $0.24
  Hand Lens NASCO $0.65
  Tape Measure NASCO $3.35
  Thermometer NASCO $0.83
  6" Aquarium Nets Bosley's Pet Store $1.50
  pH Testing Kit Bosley's Pet Store $5.29
  Clear Plant Pot Trays Fred Meyer $0.79
  Rope Home Depot $1.98
Day 8 - Long-term Research Project (LTRP): Research Question and Hypothesis
Day 9 - LTRP: Library Research I
access to library
Day 10 - LTRP: Introduction Paragraph
access to computer lab
computer disk for each LTRP group
  Verbatim Macintosh Floppy Disks Office Depot $4.99
  Verbatim PC Floppy Disks Office Depot $4.99
Days 11, 12 - How Tough is a Paper Towel?
ring stands (1 per group)
4 or 5 paper towel brands
  Paper Towels Any Grocery Store $1.50
weights (you'll need about 20lbs for the class to share)
  5 lb. Box of 5/8" Cut Washers Home Depot $7.60
small binder clips (3 - 4 per group)
cups or small bowls for water
plastic spoons
large plastic containers used under ring stands to catch falling weights (Ooze boxes work well)
Day 13, 14 - Worm Experiments
earthworms (6 per group)
plastic 2-liter pop bottles or large yogurt containers (2 per group of 3-4 students)
dirt (enough to fill all containers 3/4’s full)
  Plant Soil Fred Meyer $3.99
centimeter rulers (1 per group)
measuring cups (1 per group)
masking tape
large spoons (1 per group)
buckets or other containers to put “used” dirt in (1 per group; Ooze boxes work well)
a few lights
portable heater or other heat source
Day 15 - The Wheel of Inquiry
dice (2)
prizes (candy)
Day 16, 17 - LTRP: Methods and Materials
map of LTRP field site
access to computer lab
ziplock bags (2-3 per group)
  Large Ziplock Bags Fred Meyer $1.59
students obtain materials for their projects
Day 18 - LTRP: Data Sheets
rite-in-the-rain paper or small field notebooks (optional, available at university supply stores) rulers
Day 19, 20 - LTRP: Field Trips
each group requires different materials and will have identified and gathered them on Days 16, 17
camera with film (1 per class)
  Disposable Cameras Rite Aid $12.49
Day 21 - LTRP: Field Report Forms and Tabulating Data
Day 22 - Aqueous Averages
food coloring (see Ooze Day 1)
1 pitcher (more can be useful)
clear plastic cups or identical graduated cylinders (6 per student group)
paper towels
one tray
colored markers (optional)
Days 23, 24 - LTRP: Graphing Experimental Data
graph paper
rulers or straight edge
access to computer lab
Day 25 - Faux Fish
manila envelopes (1 per student or pair of students, 5x7” or business letter envelope size)
scissors (1 per student)
butcher block paper or overhead transparencies
Days 26, 27 - Statistical Testing (t-test)
Calculators (1 per student)
Day 28 - LTRP: Writing Results Paragraph
Day 29 - LTRP: Library Research II
library access
internet access
Days 30, 31 - LTRP: Writing Discussion Paragraph
access to computers
Day 32 - LTRP: Peer Reviews
copies of every group’s research report (introduction, methods, results, discussion)
Day 33, 34, 35 - LTRP: Poster Preparation
poster boards (1 per research group)
  Poster Board Stationery or Drug Store $0.75
glue sticks (1 per research group)
scissors (1 per research group)
graph, white, and colored paper
photos and plant samples from field trips
rulers or straight edge (1 per research group)
Day 36 - Drama Games
colored paper
string or yarn
Days 37, 38, 39 - LTRP): Preparing Research Presentations
overhead transparencies (about 8 per research group)
overhead pens and sharpies (3-4 pens per research group)
  Box of 12 Sharpie Markers Office Depot $6.59
note cards
access to copy machine
Day 40 - LTRP: Practicing Research Presentations
overhead projector
pointer (optional)
Formal Research Presentations for Parents, Celebration!
place for presentations
overhead projector
microphone (optional)
extension cord
pointer (optional)
food and beverages (optional)
printed program
award certificates
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