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Web Resources for Teachers

On this page are links to resources we have put together to help teachers use The TRUTH About Science.

Correct version of hatchery fish chart for Day 27:T-Test Practice, pg 144.

The list of materials needed to use the curriculum. The TRUTH About Science uses only materials that are available at grocery, hardware, or pet stores. Prices and vendors are included in the list.

A list of web sites that teachers may find useful. These links include pages with science content about subjects students may choose to study for their LTRP. There are also links about inquiry-based science programs.

There is a separate page of web links for students; students may want to start their Internet research at that page. Sample student posters are also available at the student resource page.

A summary of interviews with teachers who have used the curriculum is available to inform teachers who are considering using The TRUTH About Science and to provide ideas and suggestions for teachers already using it.

Salish Sea Expeditions provides scientific sailing expeditions that can be tailored to meet the needs of teachers using The TRUTH About Science. Students can conduct their LTRP from on board their sailboat or the whole class can conduct a group project as a finale to the curriculum. Contact for details.

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