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Web Resources for Students
We have compiled a list of web links that provide background information for each of the following topics. Please let us know when you find an outstanding page we can add to our list. (The following should all link to the appropriate section below)
Student Resource Home Page
Amphibians Soils
Birds Spiders
Environment Statistics
Fish Trees and Forests
Inquiry Science Labs Various Topics
Insects Water Quality
Mushrooms Worms
This page is dedicated to everything froggy from the life-cycle to conservation programs to fun facts.
Cornell has an extensive ornithology lab. This is the home page which allows you to look for particular topics of interest.
Although this is a commercial site with access to a nature store, the page also provides information and links to other pages on birds. The page also includes links to butterflies, gardening, and outdoor education projects.
This is the Seattle Audubon Society's web page. If you go to "Additional Links" you will find links to several good sources for bird information. The site also has information on renting boxes with materials and lesson ideas on birds.
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This site contains many links to pages on numerous environmental topics. If you don't know what you want to search for, click on "View By Subject."
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Neat page about salmon, made by kids.
Facts on salmon, conservation information, salmon life cycle picture, a salmon video produced by PBS, and a salmon themed Google search option.
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From the SF Exploratorium, tips on modifying existing labs into more open-ended, inquiry labs.
Inquiry education information for the classroom with a bibliography on inquiry science from the exploratorium.
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Tons of information about forest insects and diseases listed by the insect and by the disease. Click on a subject and get a list of pamphlets. Click on the pamphlet and get a full color brochure in Adobe Acrobat.
Recipes and information about edible insects!
Information, pictures, and links about insects and other arthropods.
This page is produced by Iowa State University and is a list of links to Insect resources on the internet.
You could spend months checking all of the insect links from this page. The links are categorized by type of insect so it is a fairly easy page to use.
A history of insects and society.
Great pictures and information on insects with a link to Nick's Spiders!
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This site contains lots of information as well as links to mycological sites (sites about mushrooms and fungi).
Mycological resources on the web with links to many other pages.
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Links to different questions and information about plants.
Information about plant growth, photosynthesis, and respiration
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This site contains lots of information on soils, soil processes, soil amendments (fertilizers), soil testing, just to name a few.
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Many links from this page to various spider pages. This is a very easy way to begin finding information on spiders.
Lots of pictures and information in a well organized web page.
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At this site you can find a light mix of several statistical concepts, not too complex.
This is an electronic AP statistics textbook. The text explains and illustrates basic statistical concepts.
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Information on trees, a Canadian site put together by a private company called Domtar.
Contains information on climate change impacts on forests and forest ecology. This links to the PNW Climate Impacts Group page at the University of Washington.
Information about old-growth forests, forest ecology, and forest management.
Trees of the Pacific Northwest contains information to identify trees as well as basic information on tree species. Focus is on PNW conifers.
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Science Made Simple poses several questions, such as why leaves turn colors in the fall, and provides answers at different levels of complexity.
Impacts of El Nino on various PNW ecosystems.
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Great manual on monitoring water quality. Background information on pH, temperature, aquatic insects, and more.
Chehalis River Council page contains information on water quality and watershed information and issues.
This page contains many links to hydrology and water-related resources and information.
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Order earthworms from Biocontrol Network from the internet. Includes some information about the soil benefits of earthworms.
You'll find the answer to almost any question you have thought to ask about earthworms on this page. Some of the information is specific to species in the Ontario area. Much of it is general information.
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