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Student Resources

Congratulations on starting your own research project using The TRUTH About Science! We've put together a list of web sites that may help you get started on the background research for your project.

The information you find on the Internet or in the library is useful both in the beginning and at the end of the research project. In the beginning, when you are writing the introduction, background research helps you uncover the important facts about your subject and helps guide you to an interesting question. At the end, when you are writing the discussion, background research can help you understand and explain your results.

Use these links as a starting point for learning more about your subject. You will probably find other sites that are useful as well. Please send us the addresses of any web pages that you think would be good for other students; we'll add them to our list.

If you need some ideas for designing your poster, take a look at these example posters from students in other classes. (Of course, we'd like to see a picture of your poster when it is finished. If you send it in we'll add it to our web page.)

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