The Truth About Science
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Welcome to The TRUTH About Science,
a middle school science curriculum to turn students into research scientists.

These pages describe a unique science curriculum for middle school students that guides students in creating and performing their own science research projects. Through fun, hands-on classroom activities, students learn the basic skills and concepts used by research scientists. They put these new skills and knowledge to use when they design and carry out a research project of their choosing. As students create their own research project, they learn the following skills

Asking testable research questions
Designing and conducting independent projects
Organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data
Presenting results as both poster and oral presentations

The students work to add new information to the body of science knowledge that already exists! Once they have completed their project and analyzed their results, students present their work as posters and oral presentations to an audience of peers, parents, and teachers. It's fun and gives students real experience with the scientific process as it is followed by scientists all over the world.

Our web site provides information for students and teachers using or evaluating The TRUTH About Science.

The Truth About Science:
Meets the National Science Education Standards for developing science inquiry and process skills and the AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy.
Prepares students for conducting future independent science projects.
Is being Adopted by the Seattle School District as part of the 6th grade science curriculum.
Is Unique because it enables students to be scientists by asking and answering their own research questions.
Is Fun classroom science!
Discover more about the curriculum, the scientific method, and hands-on science by using these links:
General Information Learn about the curriculum's alignment with National and Washington State Science Standards, overall organization, and the development of the curriculum.
Preview Curriculum Examine 8 sample lessons, including the teacher's lesson plans and student worksheets.
Purchase Curriculum The Truth About Science has now been published! To purchase or preview a copy go to NSTA Press.
Teacher Resources This page contains links to good reference materials for research projects, vendors of materials used in the lessons, curriculum updates, and comments from other teachers.
Student Resources For students only! Do you need ideas for science projects? Are you having difficulties finding reference materials for projects? Just want to do some science surfing?
Contact Us Please contact the curriculum authors if you have comments or questions.
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