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Orca Multivariate Data Viewers:  Orca is an open source project that provides a micro framework for data visualization.  ORCA is a platform-independent statistical visualization tool for data analysis and research.  The components can function both as standalone tools as well as componentized objects in a large distributed computing scenario.

Funfits:  Spatial statistics library for SPlus.  Use the link to download this self-expanding ZIP file.  These are routines written by Doug Nytchka and have been ported to SPlus for Windows by Tamre Cardoso.

Pareto Evolve:  Constructing quantitative models is an important part of environmental and ecological research, and such models are used extensively in policy making and environmental regulation.  Many ecological and environmental models integrate diverse information about interactions between components of ecological, environmental, or natural resource systems.  When we construct a model, we usually need to assess how well it performs.

Statistical Modeling of Multiply Censored Data:  An SPlus program and accompanying example which we have developed to carry out maximum likelihood linear regression with interval and left censored data is available.