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NRCSE is currently pursuing research in the following projects:


Computer Visualization

  1. ORCA Multivariate Data Viewers
    Investigator(s): Peter Sutherland, Anthony Rossini, Thomas Lumley, Dianne Cook

  2. Visualizing Uncertainty in Environmental Data
    Investigator(s): Tim Nyerges


Education and Outreach

  1. Book on Statistical Rules of Thumb
    Investigator(s): Gerald van Belle and Steve Millard

  2. The Truth About Science: A Quantitative Environmental Research Curriculum for 5th - 7th Grades
    Investigator(s): June Morita


Ecological Impact

  1. A Comparison of SVD and CCA Analyses in Climate Prediction
    Investigator(s): John Michael Wallace

  2. Decision-making Under Uncertainty: Prioritizing Freshwater Habitat Restoration for Salmon Recovery in the Columbia River Basin
    Investigator(s): Ray Hilborne

  3. Ecological Assessment of Riverine Systems by Combining Information from Multiple Sources
    Investigator(s): Mark Handcock, Anthony Olsen and Joseph Sedransk

  4. Global Warming and Pacific Northwest Snowpack
    Investigator(s): Chris Bretherton

  5. Graphical Modeling of Factors Influencing Benthic Populations in Streams
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp, Thomas Richardson

  6. Is there a contradiction between apparent long-term increases in the frequency of extreme precipitation over the conterminous U.S. and the absence of flood trends?
    Investigator(s): Dennis Lettenmaier



Health Effects and Risk Analysis

  1. An Exposition on Partial Least Squares Methodology in an Environmental Health Setting
    Investigator(s): Mary Lou Thompson and Paul D. Sampson

  2. Analyses of Microchip Array Data to Identify Gene Responses Underlying Diseases from Environmental Exposures
    Investigator(s): Elaine Faustman

  3. Estimating Health Effects of Particulate Matter Air Pollution in Seattle
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp

  4. Graphical Models for Statistical and Causal Inference in PM Epidemiology
    Investigator(s): Thomas S. Richardson and Allan Marcus

  5. Temporal Information and Fallacies in Biomarker-Based Exposure Inference
    Investigator(s): Elaine Faustman and Rafael Ponce


Model Assesment

  1. Applications of Bartolucci's theorem
    Investigator(s): Julian Besag

  2. Bayesian Analysis of Deterministic Simulation Models for Environmental Risk Assessment
    Investigator(s): Adrian Raftery

  3. Bayesian Methods for Assessment of Environmental Fate and Transport Models
    Investigator(s): Alison C. Cullen, Adrian Raftery

  4. Developing Methodology for Assessing Medium and Large Scale Environmental Models
    Investigator(s): E. David Ford, Rie Komuro, Marianne Turley and Joel Reynolds

  5. Methods for Development and Assessment of Toxicodynamic Models
    Investigator(s): Elaine Faustman

  6. Statistical Modeling of Multiply Censored Data
    Investigator(s): Mary Lou Thompson


Sampling and Design

  1. An Empirical Investigation of Composite Sampling for Environmental Contaminants
    Investigator(s): Gerald van Belle

  2. Comparison of Ranked Set Sampling to Alternative Sample Designs and Investigation of its Usefulness in Environmental Monitoring
    Investigator(s): Loveday L. Conquest

  3. Monitoring Network Design Bias
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp

  4. Primer on the Design of Experiments
    Investigator(s): Gerald van Belle

Standards and Regulatory Impact

Temporal, Spatial, and Spatio-Temporal Modeling

  1. A Review of Statistical Adjustment of Ozone for Meteorological Variables
    Investigator(s): Mary Lou Thompson, Joel Reynolds, Larry Cox, Peter Guttorp, Paul Sampson

  2. Bayesian Modeling of Nonstationary Spatio-Temporal DataI
    nvestigator(s): Paul D. Sampson and Peter Guttorp

  3. Compositional Receptor Modeling
    Investigator(s): Dean Billheimer

  4. Estimation of Human Impact in the Presence of Natural Fluctuations
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp, Paul D. Sampson

  5. Evaluation and Development of a Stochastic Precipitation Model
    Investigator(s): Jim Hughes, Peter Guttorp

  6. Fast and Exact Simulation of Long-Memory Processes
    Investigator(s): Peter Craigmile and Tilmann Gneiting

  7. Imputing Ambient Air Pollution Exposures Over Space and Time for Use in Analyses of Health Effects
    Investigator(s): Lianne Sheppard

  8. Modeling multiple pollutants at multiple sites, with application to acute respiratory studies
    Investigator(s): Jon Wakefield

  9. Multiple Time Scale Regression Modeling of Air Polution
    Investigator(s): Thomas Lumley

  10. Nonhomogeneous Covariance Estimation on the Sphere
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp, Paul Sampson and Dean Billheimer

  11. Semiparametric Trend Estimation for Environmental Measurements
    Investigator(s): Peter Guttorp and Jon Wellner

  12. Space-Time Covariance Models for Dynamic Processes
    Investigator(s): Tilmann Gneiting, Peter Guttorp and Paul D. Sampson

  13. Spatio-Temporal Modeling and the Operational Evaluation of Air Quality Models
    Investigator(s): Paul D. Sampson and Peter Guttorp

  14. Spatio-temporal Receptor Modeling
    Investigator(s): Eun Sug Park and Peter Guttorp

  15. Transition Models for Categorical Space-Time Data with Application to Gypsy Moth Defoliation
    Investigator(s): Patrick Heagerty, Thomas Lumley

  16. Trend Estimation Using Wavelets
    Investigator(s): Peter Craigmile, Don Percival and Peter Guttorp