Research Summary

Book on Statistical Rules of Thumb
Gerald van Belle and Steve Millard
Linked you will find an Adobe PDF file: Chapter 2 of STRUTS: Statistical Rules of Thumb, by Gerald van Belle and Steve Millard. Our intent is to give some simple rules of thumb that are widely applicable, robust, elegant and capture key statistical concepts. A statistical rule of thumb provides a framework for considering statistical questions such as sample size, association design of experiments (topics that are usually interrelated).

Our intended audience is broadly that of statistically literate readers. We assume that this includes applied statisticians, students of statistics, researchers who routinely face statistical questions, and those who would want to have an intuitive understanding of basic statistical concepts.

We have called these statistical rules of thumb, struts. First, it is a convenient acronym and second, these rules in many ways provide a framework for answers to many statistical questions.

The purpose of presenting this chapter is to sollicit from you statistical rules of thumb that you may be aware of, or use in your statistical practice. We will acknowledge your contribution. We are also interested in your comments on the content and format of this chapter. We have an informal agreement with John Wiley and Sons for the publication of the book.

Send your suggested rules of thumb to Gerald van Belle. His e-mail address is: He can also be reached at NRCSE.