Research Summary

Ecological Assessment of Riverine Systems by Combining Information from Multiple Sources
Mark Handcock, Anthony Olsen and Joseph Sedransk
The objective of this project is to improve understanding of the biological integrity of stream and river systems in the United States Mid-Atlantic Region by combining information from separate monitoring surveys, available contextual information on hydrologic units and remote sensing information.

We propose to develop spatial statistical models for measures of biotic integrity on the streams and rivers that capture the spatial variation in the measures. These models will be used to estimate the biotic integrity through the riverine system based on the information from multiple sources and scales. We will also quantify the uncertainty in the estimates and develop methods to visualize the resulting estimates and uncertainties.

We hope that the project will be used as a case-study of how state--of--the--art statistical methodology can be used to leverage the information in existing monitoring surveys. For more information go to an overview of this project.