Peter Guttorp, University of Washington

Peter is a professor of Statistics at the University of Washington. Dr. Guttorp's research interests include uses of stochastic models in scientific applications in hydrology, atmospheric science, geophysics, environmental science, and hematology. He is also former President of the International Environmetrics Society and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.

Montserrat Fuentes, NC State University

She specializes in spatial-temporal models, spatial statistics, spectral methods, computational methods of large data sets, applications in climate and air quality modeling, impacts of air pollution on human health, oceanography, atmospheric and environmental science.

Alan E. Gelfand, Duke University

Alan is a professor of Statistical Science and also a professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Duke University. His current research interests are in Spatial Statistics, Modeling and Model Determination, Bayesian Computation, and Bayes and Empirical Bayes Inference.

Catherine A. Calder, Duke University

Catherine is an associate professor in Department of Statistics at Duke University. Her primary research interests are in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, especially dimension reduction and multivariate methods in both of these areas, and in Bayesian methods and computation. Currently, one of her key research areas is the development of methods for analyzing categorical spatial and space-time data.

Brian J. Reich , North Carolina State University

Brian is currently a member of the faculty at NC State University. His research interests include modelling spatial and spatio-temporal data, environmental applications, Bayesian methods, and nonparametric statistics.